Qualified and Experienced Slab Leak Detection Services and Inspections in Corona

Leak detection is an art that requires specialized training and state-of-the-art equipment. At Corona Plumbing and Rooter Ace, we take water issues seriously. You can trust our fully certified, independent contractors to perform efficient and knowledgeable services that will keep your home or building watertight. Our unrivaled customer service, accuracy, and unbeatable prices are why we are the leading detection company in Corona, CA.

Plumbing Leaks Are No Match for Us

Plumbing leaks can happen in all types of material. From copper piping to galvanized steel and all varieties of plastic plumbing, leaks do not discriminate. They can occur inside your home, outside of your building, below ground under your concrete slab, and even in landscaping water features and pools.

Finding leaks quickly is important to preventing costly repairs and extensive damage. Our contractors use the latest equipment to find problems without digging up your yard or jackhammering through unnecessary amounts of concrete. The specialists we work with are expert water leak detection plumbers and can find leaks big and small in record time. It’s why more people call us for leak detection services than any other leak detection company in Corona, California.

Pool Owners Call Us First

Water loss in pools is normal due to evaporation from the sun, but when you have to top off your pool at an unusual rate this is usually an indication that something is wrong. From cracks in the structure to leaks in the water pipes surrounding the pool, we utilize electronic equipment to detect the exact location of the leak and make repairs with excavating your yard and creating a huge mess.

Electronic Resources for Slab Leak Detection

Our electronic means of detecting pool leaks is also used to identify slab leaks. We keep messes to a minimum, identify the problem in less time, and save our customers money. Our winning combination of technology, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction is why we are considered the leaders in water leak detection services.

We offer free, written estimates so you know exactly what your project will entail and we never consider a job complete until our customers are 100% satisfied. Call us today to schedule inspection services today!